The Best Croc Sandals for Summer

The Best Croc Sandals for Summer

Years from now, when I look back on 2020, I’ll forever be reminded of the fashion trends that unexpectedly took off, from face masks and tie-dye to matching sets and clogs—things I admittedly never thought would be remotely on my radar. The joke’s on me, I guess, right? My ever-so-stylish co-worker Natalia Sztyk just went with the flow this past year when circumstances started dictating her fashion choices. “When our company started working from home, I knew I needed house shoes for my standing desk.” Fourteen months and four pairs of Crocs later, they’re officially Natalia’s go-to footwear and she’s definitely not afraid to tell you as much. 

Like so many other fashion people, Natalia has been waxing poetic to me about the brand ever since, which is exactly why I felt it necessary to tell her that Crocs is a sleeper hit in the sandal department, too. “Okay, but there’s no way they’re equally as comfortable, cute, or easy to wear as the clogs,” she sassily replied, and immediately picked a few sandal styles to put to the test. Did I hype them up? “They make me feel like I’m walking on a cloud,” Natalia admits. Keep scrolling to see the three summer ‘fits she styled with them that are just so good. 

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