The Best French-Girl Lingerie Tips and What to Buy

The Best French-Girl Lingerie Tips and What to Buy

When you think of the French women, you think of their effortless style, attractive sense of spontaneity, and that certain je ne sais quoi their American counterparts (including myself) envy beyond belief. The previously listed qualities are all aspects of their characteristics that we observe from the outside, but today, we are taking a look underneath it all. If French women exude a style that is essentially flawless, it’s safe to assume their lingerie collections are just as great, if not better.

Aside from figuring out their buying habits, we wanted to know about their mindsets and quirks. Rania Abu-Eid, the now-former creative director at Journelle (we interviewed her back in 2018 and have since republished this article), helped us out by diving into the buying trends of French lingerie on the brand’s website. From buying three pairs of panties for every one bra to rethinking your idea of loungewear, get the 411 on what goes through French women’s minds when shopping for undergarments. Keep scrolling to find out all the secrets to buying lingerie like a French girl.

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