The New Dress Micro-Trend No One Knows About Yet

The New Dress Micro-Trend No One Knows About Yet

The dress trend I’m about to share with you is on the brink of fame. While still micro in stature, there is no doubt in my mind that within just a few months, this is the dress trend you’ll be seeing everywhere from summer through fall. The trend itself is actually more of a detail and as aforementioned, it’s definitely still bubbling. It all has to do with the shape of the bodice on the dress either coming to a sharp V-shape or a wider one that has seams that just graze the inside of the hip bone. After taking a look at the detail on the dresses and imagery below, you’ll likely be reminded of a princess’s character dress or a ballerina’s tutu (at least that’s what it reminded me of). If that’s what you see, you’re not far off. One of the dresses below from Sleeper is actually named the Belle Dress for that very reason.   

The elongated front bodice makes for such an intriguing shape and instantly elevates any dress no matter what the material or design. Scroll through the assortment of frocks here and you’ll find everything from casual day dresses to formal gowns that each feature this stunning new micro-trend. So far, only certain dresses that embody this trend have begun to pick up steam, but it’s only a matter of time before the detail is officially everywhere, including your closet. Below, shop the new dress micro-trend we’re backing and get ready to fall in love with this oddly beautiful new detail.  

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