The Outfits We Loved From Royal Ascot 2021

The Outfits We Loved From Royal Ascot 2021

Event dressing isn’t a term we have used for the past two summers. This week, however, Royal Ascot went ahead, marking the grand return to dressing up. Ascot can be difficult to dress for at the best of times, as the dress codes for attending the races are strict. In the Royal Enclosure, guests must wear straps of one inch or greater, fascinators are not allowed (you must wear hats with a solid base of 10cm) and dresses must be below the knee or longer. While these dressing regulations can, at times, feel a tad old-fashioned, there is something rather fabulous about putting on a formal dress and hat. 

Given this is a royal event, it’s no surprise that members of the royal family were in attendance, including the Queen, Sophie Countess of Wessex and Princess Anne. As for the trends we’ve seen on the racecourse, many of the guests stuck to classic, My Fair Lady monochrome styling, wearing white and black dresses with black leather accessories. The number of Chanel bags in the images below also indicates how fancy this event is. Another brand which proved popular at Royal Ascot this year is the Vampire’s Wife—we spotted several guests in its signature ruffle-trim dresses.

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