The Timeless Bikini Trend That Comes Back Every Decade

The Timeless Bikini Trend That Comes Back Every Decade

A little bikini history lesson for you (don’t worry, it’s brief): The style originally dates way back to the 1940s (1946, to be exact), when the first bikini appeared at a fashion event in Cannes—to the shock of many. It eventually came to be accepted, leading to the invention of the string bikini in the 1960s. But when you picture the string bikinis of yore, it may be the ’80s and ’90s that come to mind. Or it could be the 2020s…

String bikinis are arguably the most popular swimsuit trend of the year. One scroll through your Instagram feed (if you follow lots of fashion people and celebrities) will quickly prove that. While string bikinis clearly have very little fabric to them, one reason they’re so universally loved is that they’re incredibly adjustable, and of course sexy. If you concur, keep scrolling to see some of my favorite string bikinis on Instagram, and shop a few of the best ones your money can buy.

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