The WhatVest Is A Cargo Vest Designed For Skiing

The WhatVest Is A Cargo Vest Designed For Skiing

A Wyoming-based company called WhatVest produces cargo vests for skiing and snowboarding. These vests are designed to be worn over your shell or jacket and have an extraordinary amount of features.

The Side Hustle vest, for example, has nine pockets, a sleeve for an avalanche shovel and probe, skiing-carrying abilities, hydraulic bladder compatibility, and 15-20L of overall storage space. This vest would be an excellent choice for skiers who like serious side-country missions, short tours, or even chasing children around the resort with extra hand warmers, snacks, water, etc.

The utility of these vests is really impressive and it is interesting that there aren’t more manufacturers producing similar vests. WhatVest offers a few models that sell from anywhere between $260-$325. That certainly isn’t chump change but you are supporting a small company that builds these vests in Wyoming. In addition, they surely appear durable and built to last.

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