These Are the Best Celeb Denim Looks of 2021 So Far

These Are the Best Celeb Denim Looks of 2021 So Far

For many of us, our most beloved denim pieces have been tucked away as “hard pants” gave way to over a year of leggings, joggers, and pajamas. But let’s not forget that jeans are one of the most essential and versatile items in our wardrobes. While it’s true that celebs have endless access to stylists and designer goods, they also have the added pressure of being photographed on a daily basis. Now that A-listers are out and about (mostly) unmasked again, their street style has returned with them, and a big component of those looks is none other than tried-and-true denim. 

To help get you excited about getting dressed again, we compiled the best looks of the year featuring denim. From Ashley Graham’s white jeans to Bella Hadid’s brown(!) flares, these denim-centric outfits are worth copying from head to toe. Keep scrolling to see the looks that will actually have you excited to put on your jeans, denim shorts, and jackets—and maybe even shop for a new pair or two.

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