jcrew cashmere sweater

I have a black V-neck sweater from J.Crew that I have worn approximately 584,645,214 times and it’s still going strong. This fall, J.Crew came out with an updated version with a slightly wider V-neck. You can even show a peek of shoulder. How gorgeous is that? (I also love this color.)

Did you ever watch the old show The Wonder Years? There’s a new one coming out on September 22nd: this time, The Wonder Years is also set in the late ’60s, but the story features Dean Williams, a Black preteen growing up in Montgomery, Alabama. Here’s the trailer, which looks great.

After reading memoirs this summer, I was in the mood for a thriller. So, I picked up White Ivy, which People called “twisty” and “unputdownable.”

Most important: A post about the Texas abortion ban is coming up this afternoon. Very much looking forward to discussing this critical issue with the CoJ community and sharing action items. Please stay tuned.

P.S. More fun things, and how poems can change your life.