Top 21 Artist Videos of 2021: Grand Finale! |

Top 21 Artist Videos of 2021: Grand Finale! |

And the #1 most-watched video of 2021 is…

Jean Haines, Watercolor Workout

Jean Haines, Watercolor Workout 2

Celebrated watercolorist Jean Haines nabbed FOUR of the top five spots in our most-watched videos of 2021! It’s easy to see what makes this world-renowned instructor so popular. Members rave about Jean’s fun teaching style, inspiring watercolor exercises, and helpful tips on loosening up and playing with color. Some even watched this video on repeat because Jean’s joy for her art is so contagious!

Let go and enjoy creating with Jean Haines!

You’ll begin by experimenting with creative washes, trying exciting color combinations and texture techniques. Then Jean shares how to get the most out of these exercises by finding subjects within the wash and bringing them out to play.

From painting a perfectly straight edge to letting pigment run wild, splattering paint to outlining negative edges, these techniques are useful and approachable—all taught in Jean’s friendly and open style. You’ll love how much this creative and inspiring experimentation can teach you about working with watercolor!

Why Members Loved It

“EXCELLENT class for helping you get ‘unstuck.’ Play with colors. Loosen up. Have fun. Then find the art within your playing. Genius.”

Tina B.

Jean Haines on the Joy of Watercolor

Every Jean Haines course shares something in common: a relaxed yet playful energy and a positive, enthusiastic approach. In fact, she enjoys painting so much that joy and happiness flows over into students.

“Art is my yoga,” Jean says. “I relax when a brush is in my hand and have daily exercises using colour to lift my mood, energize me or simply make me feel great. My life is genuinely richer in many ways because of what I do with watercolour.”

Another quality you’ll notice about Jean Haines is her loose, free style. She doesn’t sketch first, but rather allows the subject to appear before her. Jean explains, “This is the zen part of my painting technique. I move into a calm state of being when I create and my subject will appear at some point in the creative process. I can see it is there. Magically. In an almost ethereal way. At this point it is a beautiful, soul-touching moment that cannot be described in words. It is spiritual and uplifting.”

Behind Her Technique

Jean learned her unique technique from a Shanghainese mentor who never used a pencil. It taps into the idea of letting go and surrendering control—something she thinks the Western culture can learn from.

“Asia influenced me greatly in how I use my brush,” she says. “Watercolour is a beautiful medium but in the West we try to control it far too much. In the East I learned how to let it go, releasing it from my brush and letting the pigments interact minus my help. I learned to relax and paint with my heart and soul, breathing life into my subjects as I did so.”

Jean’s love for watercolor is matched only by her love of teaching. Indeed, she views her instruction not as a profession, but as a personal way to give back, spread joy, and connect people. “There is often far more to an art course than art,” she says. “This is a side of watercolour and bringing people together that we should never underestimate.”

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Bringing Members More of What You Love

Below is a handy cheat sheet of the top 21 videos in 2021. Bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you need a dose of inspiration! And since many members can’t get enough of watercolor, we’re introducing a special members-only feature in January that will take you up-close with one of today’s top watercolorists. Watch your email for more details!

Top 21 Artist Videos of 2021: Most Viewed by Members

  1. Watercolor Workout: Part 2 with Jean Haines
  2. Watercolor Essentials with Thomas Schaller
  3. Watercolor Workout with Jean Haines
  4. Atmospheric Flowers with Jean Haines
  5. Expressive Birds with Jean Haines
  6. Capturing Light in Watercolor: How to Paint Cities
  7. Watercolor Painting: Light and Color in Cityscapes
  8. Three Stages for Successful Pastel Painting
  9. Portrait Painting: John Singer Sargent’s Techniques
  10. Big Painting, Small Palette with Johannes Vloothuis
  11. Design: Landscape Painting Techniques for Success
  12. Pastel Painting Innovations: Expressive Art Techniques
  13. Composition Secrets: How to Plan a Painting
  14. Bold Underpaintings for Lively Pastel Landscapes
  15. Mastering Composition from Photos: Landscape Painting
  16. Abstract Art for the Absolute Beginner with Debora Stewart
  17. Abstract Art Explorations: Acrylic Painting Techniques with Chris Cozen
  18. From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Seascapes with Iain Stewart
  19. Acrylic Painting Brushwork Techniques with Patti Mollica
  20. Watercolor Flowers with Jean Haines
  21. Pastel Painting Innovations: Creative Underpainting with Dawn Emerson

Here’s to continuing to advance your art practice in 2022!

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