Torn Floatation Device Creates Styrofoam Spill In Lake Tahoe

Torn Floatation Device Creates Styrofoam Spill In Lake Tahoe

beanbag style floatation devices“After seeing photos of the exploded float toy, members of the I Love Lake Tahoe Facebook group were able to quickly identify it as a Big Joe Pool Petz flotation device. Staff from the League reached out to the company to flag the issue and demand greater responsibility in how their products are made, packaged and labeled – to prevent future pollution incidents.”

Heads up to anyone using those beanbag style floatation devices this summer, if they rip a seam they can create quite a mess. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports thousands of tiny white styrofoam balls blanketed the beach at Moon Dune on Tahoe’s North Shore due to a torn floatation device.  Make sure to spread this around so folks know the consequences.

Here’s some tips to enjoy places like Lake Tahoe responsibly: 

Make environmentally conscious choices of what products you purchase and bring to the Lake.

Follow the golden rule for outdoor recreation: leave your destination better than you found it.

Be sure to take away everything you brought with you, or “pack it in, pack it out.”

Dispose of trash properly in trash cans or dumpsters. If cans are full, take your trash with you.

Remove litter when you find it, even if it’s not your own.

Help scientists Keep Tahoe Blue by reporting environmental issues through the free Citizen Science Tahoe

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