Travis Scott Shreds at New Jersey Indoor Ski Slope

Travis Scott Shreds at New Jersey Indoor Ski Slope

American Dream Mall

I get those goosebumps every time”Travis Scott

Last week, notorious rapper Travis Scott was spotted shredding at Big SNOW American Dream, an indoor ski slope at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. He and twelve of his friends went during an exclusive time slot after the ski slopes daily closing and spent a little over an hour shredding the slopes.

Here’s the exclusive scoop from Page Six:

“Travis was joined by a group of about 12 friends, who all arrived around 11 p.m. for private slope access. Scott wore a mix of Burton and Oakley snowboarding gear from the Big SNOW retail shop. [Travis Scott] told staff members he had a great time and would return soon, and refreshed with some Mountain Berry Blast Powerade before heading out around 1 a.m.”

No footage has been released of this shredding sesh, but we can get a good idea of his snowboarding style from a video tweet that Shaun White posted while on the slopes with Scott earlier this year.

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Image Credits: Unsplash,, Big SNOW American Dream

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