Try These Elegant Hairstyles for Locs

Try These Elegant Hairstyles for Locs

When Allure looks at locs, we don’t see anything dreadful. We see elegance. We see regality. We see luxury. And, if you’ve got the mindset of hairstylist Sherelle Holder, you see versatility. “You have people who are not comfortable getting locs because they feel like they’ll be stuck with one hairstyle.” That couldn’t be further from the truth, says the Maryland loctician and owner of Karibbean Kinks salon. “When a client comes to me sometimes, they don’t necessarily have to show me a hairstyle they saw on someone else with locs,” she says.”They can show me a braided hairstyle or a hairstyle on [straight hair], and I can recreate it.”

For Allure, Holder breathes life into our vision of locs, one that deviates from the Euro-imperialist gaze or Hollywood typecasting that paints all Black women with locs as Earth mama hippies. It’s time to broaden the parameters and show the world that the types of women who wear locs are just as varied as the styles you can arrange them in. 

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