Two Backcountry Hikers Rescued Near Aspen Snowmass

Two Backcountry Hikers Rescued Near Aspen Snowmass

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^Photos Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Aspen Snowmass

Nineteen members of Mountain Rescue Aspen assisted in the rescue of two backcountry hikers near Aspen Snowmass yesterday, according to Aspen Daily News.

The hikers were uninjured, but called for help when they realized they were stuck on a cliff without a way to hike out.

The two hikers were rescued near the Rim Trail by MRA team members who repelled down to them just a couple of hours after the initial rescue call.

One of the hikers was wearing shorts, and Mountain Rescue Aspen released a statement saying: “please remember that it is important to dress appropriately for the weather and terrain. Temperatures and weather conditions in Colorado can change quickly.”

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