Umbro team up with OOF to create two unique shirts

Umbro team up with OOF to create two unique shirts

Sportswear giants Umbro have paired up with football magazine OOF to create two unique shirts designed by two of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists.

Juno Calypso and Rhys Coren were given a simple brief – create two unique pieces of art as part of the collaboration. The only difference is they would be using shirts as their canvas.

The results are pretty sick, making them the perfect purchase if you want to standout from the crowd with five-a-side back up and running.

Calypso has become one of the most recognisable photographers working today, with a repertoire consisting of collaborations with Burberry and Stella McCartney.

Noted for her eye-catching, pink photography used to symbolise femininity, solitude and desire, it’ll probably come as no surprise that her effort contains a base of wavy pink stripes. The detail across the front of the shirt shows the name of an imaginary brothel, with the world renowned Umbro badge around the edges of the sleeves.

The striking design is described as ‘confrontational, sinister and undeniably Juno Calypso’.


Coren’s effort is arguably even more eye-catching, with a mishmash of shapes and burst of colours helping it to instantly grab your attention.

Having become renowned for his use of intense, bold colours, the shirt is an embodiment of Coren as an artist.

Each shirt comes with a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity with the hope that art can become accessible to everyone rather than just the elite.


If you’ve seen enough to be desperate to get your hands on one of these shirts, the good news is they’re available from 8 April and can be purchased via the official Umbro website or OOF magazine’s official website for £55.

The bad news is there are only 300 of each shirt available so you’ll need to move fast if you want to get your hands on one of them.

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