US smart city consortiums come together to advance smart communities

US smart city consortiums come together to advance smart communities

Seven regional smart city consortiums in the US have come together to form the National Smart Coalitions Partnership (NSCP) to advance smarter communities.


The coalition comprises the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, the North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA), the Connective, Illinois Smart City & Region Association (ISCRA), KC Digital Drive (KCDD), Southern Arizona Smart Region, led by the Regional Partnering Centre (RPC) and Smart North Florida (SNF).


Lowering barriers


Together, they represent one of the largest smart cities networks in the country, with more than 100 local governments, companies and universities. NSCP said that by uniting these regional networks simultaneously with a generational investment in modernising America’s infrastructure, it hopes to lower the barriers to deploying, replicating and scaling smart solutions through partnership building, best practice sharing and education.


The success of smart cities is dependent on collaboration, partnership and innovation between government and solution providers, which each of the regional coalitions facilitate on a daily basis. The mission of the National Smart Coalitions Partnership is to broaden partnerships, resources and initiatives that are currently helping individual communities in their respective areas to deploy smart city technologies.

“A natural place to begin collaboration between geographies is how to utilise financial models that allow the public sector to capture revenue and increase sustainable investments in innovative programmes”

As a multi-state organisation, the partnership aims to bridge gaps between local and regional technology efforts within specific states and transform them into multi-state collaborative endeavours.


“Smart regions are the new smart cities,” said Tyler Svitak, executive director of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, which is a state-wide organisation that brings together government, businesses and allied organisations to improve life for all Coloradans through creation of innovative technology partnerships. “Without a regional, collaborative approach across jurisdictions, new technology solutions will never reach the scale or standardisation required to improve complex civic issues.

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