Vank Wall 3 Box by Anna Vonhausen for Vank

Vank Wall 3 Box by Anna Vonhausen for Vank

Dezeen showroom: Polish acoustic design company Vank has unveiled a new soundproof pod called Vank Wall 3 Box.

Designed by Vank‘s creative director Anna Vonhausen, the pod is designed to fit into a wide range of workspaces. It can be used as a quiet working space or for hosting video conferences and taking calls.

Vank Wall 3 Box by Anna Vonhausen for Vank
The design aims to reduced noise-induced stress levels

Vonhausen’s design aims to positively impact user’s ability to focus while reducing the stress often associated with high noise levels.

“Once the unwanted noise is isolated, the users inside the pod can focus, perform their tasks properly, have a confidential conversation, or participate in a videoconference,” explained the brand.

Vank Wall 3 Box by Anna Vonhausen for Vank
The pod is the brand’s third box in its collection

The Vank Wall 3 Box has a multi-layered structure with sound-absorbing fabric and high-performance acoustic panels to reduce noise.

Vank Wall 3 Box is the brand’s third workspace pod. Unlike the Vank Wall boxes that came before it, its walls are smooth and patternless.

Product: Vank Wall 3 Box
Designer: Anna Vonhausen
Brand: Vank
Contact: [email protected]

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