Vibrant Watercolor Flowers: 3 Must-See Videos!

Vibrant Watercolor Flowers: 3 Must-See Videos!

Even as we’re immersed in fall color, memories of vivid summer flowers aren’t far from our minds. This week, we dive deep into three approaches to painting watercolor flowers.

Start with “Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Flowers with Soon Warren,” and learn to take control over the medium to create stunning, masterfully crafted floral paintings. Then, loosen up and embrace the full potential of wet-in-wet painting with Birgit O’Connor in “Watercolor Painting Demo: Star Flower.” Finally in “Watercolor Quick & Easy with Joyce Faulknor: Flowers,” discover another simple and direct approach to painting flowers as Joyce shares some of her favorite watercolor painting tips for florals.

1. Learn Glazing Techniques for Painting Flowers

Paint a dynamic composition of brilliant flowers using Soon Warren’s easy-to-follow glazing techniques. From drawing and masking to a flat underpainting and gradual layers of local color, you’ll watch your painting bloom right before your eyes. Along the way, you’ll learn painting techniques for color mixing, brushwork, edge control, shape making, and more. Soon shows you how to take control of your watercolor techniques to create delicate petals, detailed shadows, and bold reflections for dramatic results. Watch the preview for Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Flowers, and then take the complete video workshop and create your own brilliant watercolor flower painting!

2. Paint a Star Flower from Start to Finish

Join master watercolorist Birgit O’Connor as she shares her techniques for painting a star flower. Filmed during an actual workshop, you’ll be able to hear questions from the students along with Birgit’s helpful answers. Begin painting with soft edges and light shadow values on the white petals, and soft color in the background. Then review how to paint the complicated stamens of this flower using watercolor washes and negative painting techniques. Additional glazes of color applied either wet-into-wet or wet-into-dry will help you create the depth, form, and luminosity of this brilliant white flower painting. Preview “Watercolor Painting with Birgit O’Connor: Star Flower” and then put your watercolors to work in the complete video workshop!

3. Two Lessons, Two Unique Approaches

In this fast, easy-to-follow watercolor painting demo, Joyce Faulknor shares some of her favorite tips for painting flowers using the loose, dynamic medium of watercolor. She offers two lessons in one workshop—you’ll learn how to mix colors right on the page with a magnolia painting demonstration, followed by the painting techniques you’ll need to work from dark to light, glazing lighter values over your darks for a stunning watercolor iris. Enjoy the preview of “Watercolor Quick & Easy with Joyce Faulknor: Flowers,” and then gather your supplies to complete the entire workshop!

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