Video: Mudslide Shuts Down Colorado’s “Million Dollar Highway”

Video: Mudslide Shuts Down Colorado’s “Million Dollar Highway”

Mike Boruta captured a fairly large mudslide and flooding that shut down Highway 550, also known as the Million Dollar Highway. Colorado was pummeled by heavy rains over the weekend that caused flooding and road closures across the state.

Not sure exactly which part of Highway 550 this was filmed at, but he mentions he was heading to Ouray, CO in the video description. He also mentioned that the mudslide was filled with rocks, trees, and a steady stream of moving water flowing through the center.

Scary stuff, but you gotta hand it to this guy for the high-quality drone work. Was it the safest thing to park near the mudslide and fire up the drone? Probably not, but he got some A1 footage of the incident.


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