WA lockdown rules for Perth and Peel, NT rules for Darwin and Alice Springs, and coronavirus restrictions for South Australia and Adelaide | Western Australia

WA lockdown rules for Perth and Peel, NT rules for Darwin and Alice Springs, and coronavirus restrictions for South Australia and Adelaide | Western Australia

The West Australian premier, Mark McGowan, has announced a four-day lockdown in Perth and the Peel region designed to contain the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19, after three cases of community transmission were reported.

The Northern Territory lifted its snap lockdowns of Darwin and Alice Springs at 1pm on Friday, 2 July, although restrictions including wearing masks in public will remain in place for another week.

South Australia has re-introduced some restrictions as a result of concern over new Covid-19 cases.

The new set of interim restrictions in Perth and the Peel region will operate between Tuesday 29 June and Saturday 3 July.

When can I leave my house?

In the Perth and Peel region, you can only leave your house for the following reasons:

  • For work, if they cannot work from home or remotely.

  • Purchasing food, groceries, medicines and necessary supplies.

  • Attending medical or healthcare needs, including Covid-19 vaccination and looking after the vulnerable.

  • Exercise with a maximum of two adults from the same household, for one hour per day, within 5km of home. Masks must be worn except for vigorous exercise.

How far can I travel from home?

People in the Perth and Peel region cannot leave the area during the lockdown. If your home is in the affected area, you may leave your home to exercise for up to one hour per day. You must stick to a 5km radius of your home, and you must stay within the affected area.

Similarly in Darwin and Alice Springs, exercise is limited to a 5km radius from home.

Can I have people in my home?

In Perth you cannot have visitors in your home unless it is for essential services, critical maintenance, caregiving and compassionate reasons or in an emergency.

Visitors are allowed in Darwin and Alice Springs, but it is capped at 10 people per day.

What are the rules for exercise?

In Perth and Peel, you can exercise for one hour a day, within a 5km radius of your home. You can exercise with two adults from the same household. You must wear a mask while exercising, unless it is vigorous exercise.

Indoor exercise venues, such as gyms, remain closed in Darwin until 1pm Friday 9 July. Outdoor exercise is unrestricted.

What are the rules for wearing face masks?

People must wear a mask at all times, except in their own home or while doing vigorous exercise.

If you have been in the Perth or Peel region since 27 June, you will need to wear your mask anywhere in Western Australia.

In Darwin and Alice Springs, you will have to wear a face mask in public and while working when it is not possible to practice physical distancing, until Friday 9 July.

Can I dine in at a restaurant or cafe?

Restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars in Perth and Peel are only allowed to provide takeaway service.

In Darwin and Alice Springs, patrons must be seated for anything that is not take away – so no standing at bars.

Are the shops open?

Retail in Perth and Peel is only permitted for essential health services, and essential goods such as supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware and petrol.

Will sporting matches still go ahead?

Community sport in Perth will not go ahead.

What about weddings, funerals and religious services?

In Perth, religious services will not go ahead. Weddings are restricted to five people, and are only allowed for compassionate reasons. Funerals are restricted to 10 people.

Can I visit hospitals or aged or disability care centres?

In Perth, no visitors to residential aged care or disability facilities except for exceptional circumstances such as essential care, compassionate reasons, end of life and advocacy.

No visitors will be allowed into hospitals except for compassionate reasons, end of life, accompanying a child, supporting a partner giving birth.

Category 2 and 3 elective surgeries will be postponed until Friday, July 9.

Are schools open?

Schools, boarding schools and childcare centres in the Perth and Peel regions will remain open except for the three schools that have been directly impacted as they are a listed exposure site. Mask wearing rules apply.

Universities, Tafes and training colleges will be closed unless for critical activities.

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What are the rules in South Australia?

As of 12.01am Tuesday 29 June, South Australia has introduced new restrictions for at least one week.

Masks will be mandatory in aged care homes, hospitals, personal care settings, and indoor entertainment venues. They will also be strongly recommended on public transport.

Home gatherings are capped at 10 people “for the foreseeable future”.

Weddings and funerals are capped at 150 people.

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Indoor venues will have their capacities reduced to one person per two square metres. Buffets are not allowed for the next week, and singing is also banned.

Food and drink venues will go back to seated service only.

People are recommended to wear masks in public, and be vigilant in checking in at venues using QR codes.

People who cannot physically distance from others at work and can work from home are recommended to work from home.

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