Walkinshaw Racing reacts to Supercars engine breach

Walkinshaw Racing reacts to Supercars engine breach

Motorsport Australia announced earlier today that Jordan Boys has been stripped off his maiden Super2 win after his WR-built V8 engine failed post-event checks.

The motor, provided to Image Racing as part of a customer deal, was found to not conform to its Engine Specification Document and exceed its accumulated engine power number.

WR has now hit back at the finding with a stern response levelled at Supercars.

It says the foundation for the breach was lack of stock prompted by damage to its main game motors – run by the Walkinshaw Andretti United and Erebus Motorsport cars – in Adelaide last year due to category-mandated engine changes.

That issue was compounded by the global health crisis and its impact on parts supply.

WR says it was forced to use a development cylinder head trialled in 2015, when current Supercars Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess was running the team, and that it was under the impression it had permission from Supercars to do so.

“The engine in question was built by Walkinshaw Racing during the COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne during 2020, with Supercars and Walkinshaw Racing in regular dialogue,” reads a statement from WR.

“WR understood, based on its discussions with Supercars, that a WR development cylinder head trialled in 2015, was permitted to be used in the Super2 engine.

“The reason for this understanding was due to WR’s low-stock levels for rebuilds, following engine damage across all four Walkinshaw Racing Supercars engines at the 2020 Adelaide 500, sustained as a result of the new mandated engine package.

“This issue was heightened by the subsequent COVID-19 lockdown throughout 2020, which presented ongoing resource and parts supply issues.

“At no point was the decision to use the development cylinder head made for performance. The decision was made due to the availability of parts prior to and inclusive of a worldwide pandemic, and at all times, WR is of the belief that the engine was compliant due to the ongoing discussions and open dialogue with Supercars.

“It is disappointing that Image Racing and driver Jordan Boys have been disqualified from Race 2.

“The Team will be making no further comment in regard to the matter at this time.”

Erebus Motorsport, which supports Image Racing as a junior team of sorts, also extended it support for the team.

“Erebus Motorsport and Image Racing have shared a solid racing and business relationship for more than three years now and we hope this will continue well into the future,” said Erebus CEO Barry Ryan.

“Erebus Motorsport supports and will continue to support Image Racing and its owners Terry and Dana Wyhoon 100 per cent.

“We are extremely disappointed that they have become an innocent victim in a political situation around engine legality.”

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