WATCH: Bison Calf Struggles To Climb Steep Hill

WATCH: Bison Calf Struggles To Climb Steep Hill

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Need a visual metaphor this afternoon to keep you motivated?

Look no further than this video captured at Yellowstone National Park of a bison calf struggling to climb a steep hill to keep up with the herd.

“Yellowstone National Park. Mom was forging up the hill then noticed the baby struggling. Life in the wilderness is difficult but the baby made it.”

I felt bad for the little guy and had to fast forward to end of the video to make sure he made it. I know it’s part of the circle of life, or whatever they sing about in the Lion King, but there’s something deep inside of me that wanted to reach through my screen and give this calf an assist up the hill.

The herd wasn’t going to leave without him, but they certainly won’t going to help. You have to earn your keep in the bison herd, apparently.

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