WATCH: Sharks Swim Within Inches of Unaware Beachgoers

WATCH: Sharks Swim Within Inches of Unaware Beachgoers

WJCL News captured multiple sharks swimming within inches of beachgoers at Daytona Beach last weekend.

Even though the water appears to be crystal clear, the majority of the people in the water don’t seem to notice that one of nature’s apex predators could take a chunk out of their ankles at any moment.


This is exactly why I prefer the ocean water to be murky. People might say, “But Matt, you wouldn’t be able to see if a shark was approaching you in murky water.”

My answer to that is:

Yes, exactly. I don’t want to see anything approaching me. I’ll deal with the shark if/when it bites me… Also, according to this video, it doesn’t seem like you can seen a shark if it was right in front of you anyways!

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