What to Bring and What to Leave Home for 2021 Belmont Stakes

What to Bring and What to Leave Home for 2021 Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes Presented by NYRA Bets returns to its traditional spot as the third leg of the Triple Crown on June 5 this year, and if you’re planning to attend the “Test of the Champion,” we have your list of essentials to bring to Belmont Park and the things you’re definitely going to want to leave behind.

Bring it:


Sure, Belmont Park has a ton of large-screen TVs and video boards that will help you follow along with the action, but I always love a good pair of binoculars so I can focus on (pun!) the horse I like in any given race.

Power bank/portable power source for your phone

You already know that feeling of doom when you look at your phone and notice that you’re at 3% battery at 2 p.m. Don’t let it happen to you on Belmont Stakes day – bring a power bank (and charge it up the night before) to make sure that you have enough battery to grab a rideshare, buy train tickets, or just take photos and videos of your day at Belmont Park. I like this one that includes built-in cords for both iPhones and Androids.


Belmont Park allows patrons to bring bottled water into the facility, and it’s always smart to stay hydrated. Just make sure that you carry it in a clear plastic bag or container per the rules of the Belmont Stakes.


Sunscreen, people. Sunscreen. Bring it, bathe in it, share it. Just don’t bring it in a glass bottle.


While there will be ample opportunity for cashless transactions, it’s always smart to bring a little cash to the track in case you want to make a bet with a teller – they only accept paper money, so plan accordingly.

Poncho (or a raincoat)

I am a huge poncho advocate and have been for years, but a raincoat is also acceptable for the Belmont Stakes. You know what’s not? Umbrellas – they’re banned. Pack or wear your chosen waterproof apparel if there’s even a hint of rain in the forecast.

Leave it:


While you can bring in non-acholic beverages to Belmont, please leave the booze at home. It’s widely available in the park, so don’t worry about skipping the party.

Large cameras/video cameras

You can bring in a small camera (one without a detachable lens) but leave your video camera or big camera behind. Just use your phone if you want to take video – the cameras in them are so good these days.


Unless it’s a small cooler for medical reasons or medicine, leave it at home. If you’re carrying in water or similar, use a clear plastic bag.


They’re not allowed at the park, so please don’t bring them. They have the capability of scaring the horses; plus, Belmont is really close to JFK Airport and the FAA gets so grumpy about its air space.


While cell phones and tablets are allowed, laptops are not unless you’re participating in the Handicapping Challenge.


This is why you want a poncho. Or a raincoat, I guess, but seriously: ponchos are amazing. Bring a poncho.

For the complete list of permitted and banned items, please visit the Belmont Stakes website here.

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