What to Wear in Miami and New York City

What to Wear in Miami and New York City

The next time I complain about packing for a trip, I hope that someone reminds me of the year and a half starting in March 2020 that I didn’t step foot on a plane. But in early June, I returned to the airport to take a quick trip up to NYC, followed by a quick trip to Miami later in the month. My first realization when I opened my suitcase was that I’d forgotten how to pack for a trip that involves taking an airplane.

After more hours than I care to admit, I was finally able to zip up my suitcases for both trips. New York was amid a heat wave the weekend that I was there, so my wardrobe was closer to that of Miami than I would’ve predicted (minus the beachwear). I’m a person who purchases much of their wardrobe ahead of trips (or some other specific occasion), so many of these items are pretty new and still available to shop. In case you’re seeking some packing inspiration or just some shopping inspiration, scroll on to see what I packed for NYC and Miami this summer. 

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