“When the Dust Settles” by Photographer Adam Wilkoszarski

“When the Dust Settles” by Photographer Adam Wilkoszarski

A selection of images from “When the Dust Settles,” by polish documentary and landscape photographer Adam Wilkoszarski. With an interest in previously occupied spaces that are now empty or abandoned, Wilkoszarski photographs the human marks left behind on these landscapes. He seeks out places in which “the borders between public and private spheres are blurred,” explaining that he is “looking for the signs of disappearing or crossing of those borders.”

Of his recent series, “When the Dust Settles,” Wilkoszarski writes: “Just take a look behind the barbed wire fence to see a completely different reality. The reality, which for a person on the outside, is both illusory and utopian. They are like satellites flying around a holiday paradise. A small gust of wind is enough to completely change the landscape.”

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