Why I hate these nonsensical ‘Build a roster with $10’ distractions

Why I hate these nonsensical ‘Build a roster with $10’ distractions

It’s an obnoxious concept... but Tannehill for a buck? That’s pretty good.

It’s an obnoxious concept… but Tannehill for a buck? That’s pretty good.
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You know what I hate? I hate seeing those grid posts on social media that give you a certain budget to create a lineup. Seriously, I don’t understand the point of them at all. Those websites should really stop posting these things.

Like, this one for instance.

I mean, if I have $10 to pick one from each of these columns, then why would I —

Wait. Hold on. For fantasy football purposes, you’re telling me Ryan Tannehill is only $1? Last year’s overall QB7 on the season, who has a dominant run game in Derrick Henry (last year’s RB3), an emerging superstar wide receiver A.J. Brown (6th most fantasy points per game at wide receiver last year), and just-added future Hall of Fame wide receiver Julio Jones via trade is the cheapest option on this list of quarterbacks? Damn, that’s a bargain.

I mean, if I were to put together a lineup from this graphic, and not saying I would, but if I were, then I think I would have to start with Tannehill. Alright fine, we can look at the running backs, as well now.

Saquon Barkley coming off an ACL tear is the most expensive option, Austin Ekeler (12th most fantasy points per game at running back last year) who is in an emerging offense with last year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year-winning quarterback Justin Herbert, rookie running back Najee Harris is $2, and veteran journeyman Mike Davis is the cheapest. Oof. Alright, well, considering the Steelers love using one running back in a featured role, both on the ground and in the passing game, and considering Harris was the first running back taken in the draft, he’s enticing. At his height, in 2017, Le’Veon Bell was given 321 carries and 106 targets in a single season, which is insane usage. No, I don’t think Harris will see that much work, but he’ll definitely see a lot.

Okay fine so if I was, BUT I’M NOT, but if I was building a roster, starting with Tannehill and Harris would be fun.

So, next we have Stefon Diggs for $4, Keenan Allen for $3, Tee Higgins for $2, and Brandon Aiyuk for $1. I have $7 left for the last two spots here, if I were assembling this hypothetical roster. I’m definitely looking at both Diggs and Allen, but I think I’ll save my money for the last column. Allen had 147 targets last year in only 14 games, which my very quick and fancy math tells me is over 10 targets per game. If you exclude the last game he played in which he got hurt, he had ten or more targets in seven out of his final eight games played, including one game with a whopping 19. Herbert looks his way early and often, and Allen is, once again, one of the best wide receiver values in all of football, despite being locked in for insane usage in his offense.

Tannehill, Harris, and Allen. Okay. I like this. So now for the last choice, and I have $4 to spend.

I’m going straight to the top. Calvin Ridley is now the No. 1 receiving option in the offense that threw the ball more than any other team last year. The Falcons are still awful, their defense is still awful, they’re going to be playing from behind a ton, and quarterback Matt Ryan is going to have to throw constantly, again. Without Julio Jones in the lineup last year, Ridley averaged 109.3 yards per game on over 11 targets per game. He’s prepped and ready as a dynamic wide receiver and has a great chance to catapult himself into superstardom this year.

So, Tannehill, Harris, Allen, and Ridley. Man that’d be a really cool core for a fantasy roster. Ya know, if I was doing that. Which I’m not… because I hate these things. And now I’ve wasted an hour of my day and my coffee is cold. This is how they win.

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