Why is Marriotts Using TikTok and Snap

Why is Marriotts Using TikTok and Snap

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Why is Marriotts using TikTok and Snap

Excerpt from Marketing Brew

As one of the largest hotel companies in the world, it isn’t exactly surprising that Marriott and its 30 brands bought ad time during the NBA Finals and NBC’s broadcast of the Olympics. But the brand is also leaning on newer channels to remind guests of the virtues of a free continental breakfast.

Yes, that means the brand’s testing out for the first time:

  • It’s running a campaign with 27 influencers—including @lianev, @visitearth, and @voyagefox—filled with all the blue ocean cliches we’re accustomed to seeing in aspirational travel advertising.
  • Combined, Marriott said the 27 influencers have 34 million followers.
  • Each TikTok features a music track created by Marriott, filled with breathy narration that aims to inspire other travelers to create and share their own content.

“It’s somewhat experimental for us,” said Povinelli. “We don’t have the track record here, but we believe that it’s one of the stronger platforms for consumers to engage with the campaign idea and actually create their own content and story around travel.”

+1: It’s running an OOH activation with Pinterest in Los Angeles and New York City, which will guide travelers to an in-app quiz that’ll encourage traveling with Marriott. And there’s a partnership with Snap, which the brand has worked with before, to build a branded Marriott VR Lens. 

It’s also made a big bet on streaming services, with a native screen takeover of Amazon’s Fire TV, inventory blocks on HBO Max’s ad-supported tier, and shoppable, QR-code enabled ads on Hulu. The investments mark the first time Marriott’s using shoppable ads, which Povinelli sees as a booking vehicle. He claims the number of people booking + going on trips within a 24-hour window is up “significantly from two years ago.”   

“People seem to be a little bit more impulsive in their purchase decisions. We wanted to test that,” said Povinelli.

The results of this campaign will inform the brand’s media mix in the future, as it’s using the post-pandemic travel boom(let) to experiment and find what works.

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