Wijpark // ECHO urban design

Wijpark // ECHO urban design

Text description provided by the architects.

Reconfiguring a small field in an established neighborhood to create a space for sports and play and – at the same time – responding to a relatively large densification challenge. Whilst designing a sustainable, climate adaptive, nature inclusive and socially safe urban area is also part of the game.In the past half-decade, the field has been refurbished by neighborhood residents who self-managed aimable local initiatives.

Which is why preserving this space for active resident use is the main component in this case. Meanwhile, we wanted to safeguard a feeling of social safety by adding design elements and spatial configurations that enhance visibility in all corners of the public space. In this case, the current local force is in fact the main inspiration behind the design.

We shaped the area to specifically accommodate all current activities. The vegetable garden, urban soccer field and natural playground have all found a place within the configuration of the field. It is designed as a multi-use outdoor space divided into four plains. We refrained from monofunctional design to capitalize on the little space there is.

Multifunctional demarcation elements allow for different activities to take place simultaneously on the field and create a sloping landscape that is passable for al.

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