Your Ultimate Guide to What to Wear on a Picnic

Your Ultimate Guide to What to Wear on a Picnic

When the weather is warm and the restaurants are packed, what better activity than to hit the park or the beach for a picnic? Once you pack the spread—tons of cheese included—all that’s left is finding the perfect picnic look. While snacking in the park is among the more relaxed activities you can do this summer, there’s still some draw we have to figure out what to wear on a picnic. In fact, coordinating your look to the activity might just be half the fun.

If you share our sentiment, you’re in luck. Below we’re highlighting the essentials that seem to embody the picnic aesthetic through and through. From summery white dresses to on-trend wicker baskets, these pieces will have all your friends gratuitously snapping your photo as you soak up the sun and snack on watermelon like it’s no big thing. So keep your eye on the weather app and prepare for your next park visit with the options below.

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