Zurich to be showcased as a template for decarbonising cities

Zurich to be showcased as a template for decarbonising cities

The 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association, software modelling specialist Actual and the Peace Innovation Institute at The Hague, have announced a partnership to work with cities worldwide and help them accelerate their transition to decarbonisation.


The plan is to unveil a first case study at the beginning of 2022, to serve as a template for cities around the world in conjunction with use of Actual’s modelling platform.


Public research


According to the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association, building on public research university ETH Zurich’s 2000-Watt Society and its certification in Switzerland of 40 sites, presents a framework for 2000-Watt Smart Cities around the world.


GreenCity Zurich, conceived by association president Andreas Binkert, it reports is a prime example of the world’s first decarbonised greenfield neighbourhood.


Meanwhile, the Actual platform aims to empower leaders across industries to act on their ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals and set a path towards real change through a “first-of-its-kind” digital toolkit.

“Millions of people are moving to cities every month, and Actual’s work is critical to show real-life impact to make better investments now”

“The 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association seeks to showcase GreenCity Zurich’s decarbonised framework as a template to inspire other cities around the world,” said Andreas Binkert, president, 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association.


“We are excited to start working with Actual and the Peace Innovation Institute to fulfill this mission and demonstrate that there’s an actionable path at hand for cities looking to accelerate their transition to decarbonisation.”


The Peace Innovation Institute at The Hague, through a collaboration between the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford and the City of The Hague, sits at the intersection of behaviour design, technology, innovation and business. The institute specialises in creating a culture of innovation and teaching collaboration across boundaries.

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